:: Descendants of John Ludlow (1796) & Mary Matthews (1797) John Ludlow


1. John Ludlow

John LUDLOW was born in 1796 in Ashford, Kent (southeast England) where his
father, Thomas, was serving as a British soldier in the North Gloucestershire Militia (Infantry).
Before John turned three, his father was "missing-in-action" in a battle against the French Napoleon
army in den Helder, Holland. John and his twice-widowed mother, Hannah Weight Clifford
LUDLOW, returned to Avening, Gloucs (in the Cotswald Hills) where John later married Mary
MATTHEWS in 1817. While raising his growing family, he joined his brother, Nathaniel, and two
other men on Nov. 25, 1844 in petitioning the Bishop of Gloucester that a "room in the dwelling-house
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Accoring to John's son, Nathaniel, on information submitted for temple work in 1888, John's
birthday was 15 Nov 1796, but no specific place of birth was identified. I think he assumed it was in
Avening although the christening took place on Christmas day, 1796, in Ashford, Kent.
CENSUS: The 1851 census of Avening (section II, #4) shows John, age 52 as an agricultural labourer
having been born in ASHFORD, KENT! They have their three younger children living with them
along with four grandchildren (two daughters of Mary Ann L. Dyer and a daughter and son of James).
In 1861 England census, John "SUDLOW," age 63, born in "Kent, Ashford", is listed as a "Farm
Labourer" in Avening records.
In '71 census at Avening, he is listed simply as a 74 year old "Lab" (labourer), born in "Kent,
DEATH: When John died, he was living on St. James Rd, Halifax, Yorks. When Nathaniel did John's
baptismal work in the Logan Temple, John's death date was listed as 27 Dec 1871.

Mary Matthews

Mary MATTHEWS (also listed as MATTHEW) was born in 1797 in Avening,
Gloucs, Eng. Her father, William, was fifty years old and married to his third wife, Miriam
SAUNDERS. Mary was their seventh and next-to-last child. After Mary's marriage to John
LUDLOW, she had eleven children over a twenty-one year period. Eight of these children reached
maturity and married. In the 1851 census, her vocation was listed as "woolen cloth weaver." Unlike
her husband, there is no record that she ever joined the LDS Church. Eight months after John's death
(of apoplexy or a stroke while in Halifax, Yorks visiting Nathaniel's family), Mary suffered an
accidental fall in Sep., 1872 and died in Avening. The parish register was more suggestive, stating
that she "died from a fall when drunk." They were both 75 years old when they died.
MISC: In 1861 England census, Mary "SUDLOW" (should be "Ludlow", see photocopy, but is listed
as "Sudlow" in census index)is listed as a 63 year old "Farm Labourer's Wife", born in Avening,

2. Thomas Ludlow

BIOGRAPHY: After Thomas married Hannah PHELPS, he lived in the Hampton Field section of
Minchinhampton, the village just north of Avening. The "Old Hill" section of Avening, where the
main Ludlow family resided, was located on the northern edge of Avening near the old parish chapel.
MISC: In 1851 Minchinhampton census, Thomas (age 33) is shown as an agricultural labourer,
having been born in Avening. By 1851, two younger brothers, James and William, lived in the same
Hampton Field area. Like his father, Thomas worked as an agricultural laborer. In 1871, he was the
innkeeper of the "Ragged Col. Inn" in Minchinhampton.
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Thomas and Hannah apparently had no children, because none were listed in any records or with them
in the censuses.

11. George Ludlow

BIOGRAPHY: Somehow, George made the trip around 1858 to Hawthorn, Australia, where he
worked as a laborer and died in 1864 at the age of 29. He was buried in Boroondara Cemetery,
Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia (in the same burial plot where his siblings Hannah, John, and William
would also be buried). He is listed as "unmarried" with "no issue" on his death certificate.
MISC: In the 1851 Avening census, George Ludlow is shown as a 15 year old agricultural labourer.

12. Harriet Ludlow

BIOGRAPHY: Harriet is listed in the 1851 census with her family in Avening as an 11 year old "cloth
worker joiner." She died when she was only thirteen years old. She apparently died, at least in part,
as a victim of her working in the textile industry.
MISC: In the 1851 Avening census (two years before her death), Harriet is shown as an 11 year old
"cloth worker joiner."
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